Value Engineering and Analysis

A critical overview of your treasured product could reap surprising benefits, not only financially but in terms of its manufacturability.

Known as Value Analysis, it is the study of your products and components to see if they are being produced the most economical way.

In this rapidly changing world, manufacturing methods have been progressing quietly in the background. Technology has advanced the way we do things in both process and design. New methods and methodology are constantly being developed, new ways of producing components that are not only better but often cheaper to manufacture.

Value analysis is not only about saving money but about changing the way we make things, the order we make things in and the materials that we make them from. It is the relationship of function to cost, particularly the kind of function perceived by the customer or user when he makes the decision to buy your product.

As a simple example. Just by adding click location points (known as hole & half shear) to two mating sheet metal components, the assembler, when joining the two parts, simply 'clicks' the parts together before inserting the fastener. He doesn't have to juggle with the parts and the fastener  whilst struggling to insert the fixings. Simple, savings on assembly time should far outweigh the low cost of adding this feature to the components.

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